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Breaking News Idea to Lose Weight!

You are thinking every day how to lose weight. You have tried different diets but after some days you gave up. You tried to stay focused on the strict restrictions of your daily food plan but it never happened. In this article I will show you that the solution of this problem is not hidden inside diets, food, calorie measuring, but in our environmental interactions.

Cause vs Symptoms

Treating the cause and not the symptoms is one of the most fundamental paradigms of my life. I observe many people that they can’t distinguish the cause from the symptoms. To the extra-weight problem people try to reduce their food consumption, to measure calories, to exercise more, but after some days they give up. This happens because they don’t focus on the cause of the problem which is their environmental interactions.

Environment and Genes

Environment and genes are the most known factors that define our life. The right combination of their influence can lead us in a harmonic life. Now, let’s suppose that we can’t modify the genes. So, with this assumption the only way that we can change our life is through the environmental influence. So, we will try to find a suitable environment that leads us to build a behaviour that is useful to stay in-shape or to lose weight.

Which is this environment?

The first characteristic that we should examine is our human interactions. I observe that extra-weight people, and specifically those who believe that extra weights is a problem, prefer to interact with extra-weight people, avoiding to interact with those that they believe they are normal. For this reason you should try to interact with “normal” weight people, and these interactions will motivate you to become like them, since our friends influence us.

On a second level, we should examine our interactions with social media and TV. We observe many advertisements, movies and TV shows to present the ideal life as part of a junk food diet and part of some over-consumption habits. Our reaction to these influences should be immediate and when we observe these phenomena we should recognise them in order to avoid their unconscious influence.

On a final level, we should choose consciously the persons that we want to have influence on us. As an example for my diet, I am listening the nutritionists, and not my neighbour or the priest of the church. Also, I do the same on social media.


In this article I explained the huge influence that environment has on our body-weight, and generally in our life. In order to stay in-shape or to lose weight just follow the following three steps:

  1. If you believe that your body-weight is not normal, try to interact more with those people that you believe that they have the right body-weight.
  2. Recognise the bad influence from TV or social media, and avoid it.
  3. Consciously choose the persons that you want they to have influence on you.

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