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3 Tips to Living longer: Ways to Live to 100

I suppose that my years of stage performing might have given me a hint, but getting laser focused on living as long as possible has brought me an entirely new dynamic. I love the reaction I see when I tell someone new that my goal is to see 120 years. But this is the thing…I actually believe I can do it.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching expert lectures, listening to podcasts and reading peer reviewed articles. So before I drag you kicking and screaming down this rabbit hole I now call my lifestyle, check out these 3 things that will instantly put you on the path to a longer and healthier life.


No for real, take this seriously.

Aim for at least 8 hours every night. Your brain, body and soul will thank you. Clear out the junk in your brain and let your body recover from the exercise. Have trouble getting or staying asleep? I used to, here is the short list of things to try before thinking you need prescription meds:

1. Keep a schedule. Keeping your circadian rhythm aligned is critical. A bedtime within the same 30 minute window will help. When you wake up, take in sunlight right away to help set your body clock.

2. Stop eating. This is a big deal in general, but stop eating before bedtime. I curtail the calories at 8P before my 10:30 snooze. Made a big difference.

3. No late night drinking. I’ve cut out most booze, but when I do drink, I try to also stop drinking by 8p. I’ve tracked my body for enough years and have seen first hand the havoc two drinks has on sleep cycle. Pair that with the interruption in your hormones and you’re screwed.

4. Journal. Don’t stress so much. Keep a book by your bedside and write down everything that you’re worried about or that you need to do tomorrow. Helping your brain stop worrying is a recipe for sound sleep.

5. Supplements. I’m not a doctor but could play one on TV.

  • NMN/NR — This helps with a myriad of things related to your NAD stores, but in this context, NMN/NR helps regulate circadian rhythm. There are a bunch of studies on increasing NAD and longevity and health span and I’m taking those odds.
  • Vitamin D — Restless leg syndrome? Trouble sleeping? Hormone imbalance? Immune system on the fritz? You might have low vitamin D. This is an easy blood test and while your GP might tell you that having a level in the 20’s is considered normal, for optimal performance you want a level closer to 60ng/mL.
  • Magnesium — This pairs well with vitamin D for absorption, helps your nervous system recover from the stressful day and supports sleep. There are a bunch of different kinds here, but most folks have the best luck with Magnesium Biglycinate. The citrate version might make you visit the bathroom a bunch so read the label.


Do it whenever you can, even if its just around the block, stressing your system is key to living longer. Only have 10 minutes? No problem, sprint a few times and get creative. Do some squats. It doesn’t have to be a run or even a bike, as long as your heart rate is elevated. For a more optimal plan, alternate strength and cardio to maintain muscle mass as you age and reduce your chances of a broken hip at 90.


Timing and quality matter. Eat fresh/whole foods whenever possible. If you really want to optimize for longevity, shove your meals into a smaller eating window like a 16:8 intermittent fast. This gives your body time to rest its need to produce insulin.

Who doesn’t want to stave off diabetes?

It also turns on key longevity genes to help clear out misfolded proteins and other gunk. Spoiler, this also helps your sleep.

Living to 120 is a marathon, not a sprint. Take these one at a time and master each before you move on to the next. That is how you establish amazing habits and how you’ll gift yourself years of healthy living.

And maybe we’ll meet at 120.

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